Rescue workers save people, pets from Texas flooding

Photo source: Channel 3's Markus Morris

The water continues to rise rapidly along Cypress Creek, where crews and even volunteers are desperately trying to get to people trapped in their homes. The big concern is river flooding and whether these dams will overflow.

The conditions became ever more dangerous as local rivers and bayous rose. Along Cypress Creek- north of downtown Houston- the rising water is pushing more people and pets from their homes.

"Today I would say water is rising to six feet right now inside my house and it's totally lost,” said Andy Dang.

Rescue crews responded to 1,000 unanswered rescue calls near Cypress Creek alone-- forcing many, like Dang, to wait for help.

"They evacuated my mother yesterday and today's my turn and I'm glad. Still surviving,” he told Channel 3’s Jaclyn Kelley.

"Your just kinda in shock, ya know. You just never think it's going to happen to you. Everyone always says that and it's true,” said Nancy White.

White is among the many rescued from her home by volunteers.

"Been to a couple houses already that were on the second story and water was entering the second story so it was definitely higher than we expected,” said Stephen Lott.

Lott traveled through the night from Louisiana to help. He and his three friends cobbled together enough money to buy a boat. Meanwhile, those without boats are finding other ways to help.

“Wherever they need to go that's where we take them... wherever they need to go,” volunteer Wyatt said.

Boats upon boats returning full of people, trying to get their loved ones and pets to higher ground.

But many are unsure of where they will go next as the water continues to rise. Help is rolling into Texas. The American Red Cross and Salvation Army are providing meals and other services.

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