Atlas V rocket used to identify ballistic missiles is launching into space

Launch of Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft Aboard Atlas V Rocket, Photo Date: March 12, 2015 Photo: NASA / Aubrey Gemignani via MGN Online

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- A military satellite is set to launch into space on Friday night.

The satellite is used to monitor missile launches and serve as a warning.

The Verge is reporting this is the fourth satellite of its kind to go into orbit around Earth. They sit 22,000 miles above the Earth's surface - the orbit is called a geostationary orbit.

Originally, the plan was for the satellite to launch into orbit on Thursday night but the attempt was scrapped due to fueling issues. Florida Today is also reporting that there has been a valve problem with the rocket.

Before the launch was cancelled, there were no weather problems which were in the way of the rocket being launched.

As of Thursday night, there are no weather issues regarding precipitation or winds that are expected to be an issue during Friday's launch.

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