New details revealed in shooting of lobbyist investigating murder of DNC staffer

New details revealed in shooting of lobbyist investigating murder of DNC staffer. (ABC7)

Conspiracy theories, a high-profile DC lobbyist and a shooting at a Rosslyn hotel. It sounds like a Hollywood plot.

Only on ABC7, new details in this bizarre case are uncovered.

WATCH: Tim Barber talks with Burkman about the bizarre story in the video above.

After Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered in 2016, conservative lobbyist Jack Burkman baffled some people when he paid for a private investigation to find the killer.

Then in March, Burkman himself became the victim of a mysterious shooting and was hit by an SUV in a parking garage when he was picking up documents from someone he thought was an FBI whistleblower.

Using fingerprints, detectives tracked down the suspect and it turned out to be Kevin Doherty, a man who had worked for Burkman on the Seth Rich case.

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ABC7 obtained a new search warrant which shows Doherty bought a rifle, then rented a black Lincoln Navigator on the morning of the shooting, and returned it in Boston the next day.

Investigators searched a house, two storage units, and a couple of vehicles, but found no rifle.

But the new records also show the SUV had GPS, which put the Lincoln at the Marriott in Rosslyn during the shooting and at a Leesburg field later.

Detectives wouldn’t say what they found in that field, if anything at all.

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