Trump touts economic boon as the midterm elections loom

    President Trump speaks about the economy with SBG Chief Political Correspondent, Scott Thuman (SBG)

    President Trump touted the 'best economy we've ever had' in an exclusive interview with this station's Chief Political Correspondent, Scott Thuman on Monday.

    Thuman asked Trump about messaging right before the election. The president said he talks about the economy all the time but the minute he mentions immigration it fires people up.

    When asked by Thuman if he agreed with the criticism that the immigration rhetoric has become racist, the president said that people get excited about the topic and that it's not racist.

    "People have to come into our country legally, otherwise, you don't have a country," Trump said.

    An immigration political ad that ran during NBC Sunday Night Football was eventually pulled by NBC and other networks. CNN went as far as calling the ad 'racist.'

    After attempting to put the immigration allegations to rest, the president pivoted back to the economy.

    "I'm focused very much on the economy. This is the best economy we've ever had. These are the greatest job numbers we've ever had and that's a big, big thing and I do talk about it a lot.

    Thuman also asked Trump if he had any regrets in his first two years as President of the United States. Trump admitted his tone could be refined, although he said the "other side" could do the same.

    On Tuesday, the president and the rest of the country will get to see how the push to the finish line influenced voters.

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