U.S. Media Outlets Appear To Swoon Over N. Korean Leaders, Criticize Vice-President Pence

This now deleted tweet from Washington Post Correspondent Philip Bump created the biggest swoon from liberals and many in the media, who appeared to cheer for the sister of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un and criticize Vice-President Mike Pence for his cold shoulder toward the murderous regime.

It's a story that can simply be told by showing the images and the posts, but first, some background.

U.S. national news media outlets appeared to swoon and praise the sister of the brutal, murderous dictator of North Korea during the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The President of South Korea, apparently duped by the north to honor the regime, allowed athletes from North and South Korea to join together in the opening ceremony's walk as a "unified" Korea.

Vice-President Mike Pence, who attended the games with special guest Fred Warmbier, whose son was imprisoned recently and who died shortly after being returned, refused to stand.

At the same event, Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, North Korea's current dictator who has been known to imprison, torture, and murder entire families, cast a steely glare at Vice-President Pence which apparently set many hearts a flutter who support socialism, communism, and bizarrely many editors in the biggest mainstream U.S. news media operations like NBC, CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.

Pence and in a couple of cases, even Warmbier got criticism from the media for NOT honoring North Korea's appearance in the Olympics. Washington Post Correspondent Philip Bump, in a now-deleted tweet appeared to give props to Jong for her steely glare at Pence, who did not acknowledge her. Pence also did not stand for the so-called "unified" Korean team's walk.

Kim Yo Jong is not just the sister of North Korea's dictator, she actually presides over the "Propaganda and Agitation Department" in the hermit nation, where millions of people starve and live under constant fear of being taken with their families to brutal prison camps for any number of violations.

Here are some of the stories and tweets they posted over the weekend:

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