Missouri Republicans Pushing Democratic Senators To Confirm Gorsuch To Supreme Court

A group of former Missouri lawmakers including former U.S. Senator Jim Talent and former Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones urged Democrats in the U.S. Senate like Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill to confirm President Donald Trump's pick for the U.S. Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch.

Jamie notes that it's an unprecedented move for these Republicans to make, and how McCaskill ultimately votes will be one of many things scrutinized by both the right and the left going into 2018, when she is expected to run for re-election. Judge Gorsuch was easily confirmed in 2006 with no controversy for his current position as a U.S. Appeals Court judge.

McCaskill likely faces a tough re-election fight after most statewide Democrats were widely defeated in the November election.

Andy Devine went to a news conference in Clayton Friday morning by the group and talked to Jamie about that and the political implications for Senator McCaskill on The Allman Report.

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