Final Word: Envy?

The haters were out in full force during the AFC Championship Game, ready to hand the Jacksonville Jaguars the win simply because they didn't want to see Tom Brady and the New England Patriots win yet another championship.1-22 fwThumbnail

While the AFC Championship Game looked like a lock for the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend, the team everyone seemingly loves to hate, the New England Patriots were simply waiting for their moment to clinch yet another appearance in the Super Bowl.

It will be the 7th Super Bowl appearance for Tom Brady and the Patriots in the last 14 seasons. On The Allman Report Monday, Jamie talked about all the Patriot haters out there who were confident that the Jaguars would be the AFC Champs simply because the "hated" Patriots had to lose, but found themselves watching Tom Brady win yet another Championship, because that's just what he and Head Coach Bill Belicheck do.

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