Allmanmania: Only Color Photos Of Beatles' 1966 Tour From Busch Stadium Appearance

Allmanmania: Only Color Photos Of Beatles' 1966 Tour From Busch Stadium Appearance

A young 20-year-old Mark Richman got the chance of a lifetime back on August 21, 1966. He and thousands of lucky Beatles fans around St. Louis got to see John, Paul, George, and Ringo play one of the last shows of the great 1966 that would end up being the group's final commercial tour ever.

Richman, a photographer, took his camera, and a roll of color film to Busch Stadium that evening. He hung out by a group of newspaper photographers he knew throughout the area. But when it came to getting in to photograph the band, he didn't have the access. As fate would have it, a little rain moved in, and Richman asked a policeman for a break, because he didn't know where to find his seat. The officer told him he would look the other way.

Richman says he ran towards the sound he guessed was the concert and then found himself right in front of the Beatles, within 20 feet. He took several photos, color photos he says are the only color photos from that final tour ever taken. The Beatles would play Candlestick Park in San Francisco 8 days later, which would be the group's last commercial concert ever. Richman still sells copies of those photos today, which you can buy in a special montage he has created that includes a replica of the set list written on the back of a pack of cigarettes, replicas of the tickets from that night, and a piece of concrete from the old Bush Stadium marking the site of the concert.

You can purchase montages for $500 by giving him a call, you can find all the information you need at his website, by clicking here.

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