California police officers give 10-year old her stolen Disney trip

After being robbed of her Disneyland trip, 10-year-old Andrea Ramirez was shocked when police in Salinas, California raised $1,000 to make her trip happen. (CNN Newsource)

SALINAS, Calif. - After a California 10-year-old's dream trip was stolen, her local police department showed her dreams do come true at Disneyland.

Andrea Ramirez had a suitcase ready to go and $200 she had been saving for a year. Weeks before she was ready to go, villains broke into her home and took her suitcase and all of the money she was saving.

"I was so happy to go, but when they robbed me I thought I wasn't going to go anymore," Ramirez said.

That's when the heroes stepped in.

Salinas police officers went to work, collecting donations to make the trip a reality. Once that part was done, they called Ramirez to police headquarters. She thought she was going there to identify the things taken from her.

Instead, she was given Mickey Mouse cards and more than $1,000 to make her dream trip a reality.

"Our police officers said 'There's no way. Not on our watch. It's bad enough the burglary happened, but we're not letting this happen to this little girl," Salinas police chief Adele Frese said.

She got to go and brought back souvenirs for her family.

"I don't know what to say, but they're super nice and they have a big heart to everybody that they help," Ramirez said.

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