St. Peters City Hall Marks 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor with Ceremony

Looking back, this week December 7 marked the Seventy-Fifth anniversary of the attack that shocked and outraged the nation.

Soon after, many St. Louisans wanted to be part of defending Pearl Harbor.

An emotional ceremony was held at St. Peter's City Hall, meant to commemorate heroes, their families and friends.

Today was the day that Jesse Velma said she decided to join the army because she was angry that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

"It's something in my heart because so many of our men were killed," she said, "I mean young guys, these were boys only 18, 19 and 20-years-old and now they are at the bottom of the ocean."

Jesse said her job was in mess and supply, meaning. when a first sergeant wasn't there, she had to take over.

Jesse also added that a day like December 7 should be marked as a national holiday.

"We lost a lot of people and I think it should be a holiday like a lot of the other things we have," she said.

The gathering also included 97-year-old Paul Tell who told Aisha that he wanted to enlist in all five branches after the attack happened but that he wasn't being accepted because he was told he has flat feet.

Tells' son Roy Tell, a Vietnam Veteran added that his father eventually ended up getting enlisted in 1942 and served in the French War.

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