St. Louis City Police Chief Explains Why He Dropped Out of Mayoral Race

St. Louis City Police Chief Explains Why He Dropped Out of Mayoral Race

There's a chance that St. Louis City Police Chief Sam Dotson will run for mayor again. That's what he told Allman Reporter Aisha Khan in a sit down interview at police headquarters Wednesday morning.

It was probably one of the most talked about headlines in town when Dotson took his name out of the mayoral race back in November.

Aisha asked why he dropped out and the chief said, "I love this job too much that I didn't want to leave it yet. I think I can do more about the key issues in St. Louis, about reducing crime, about keeping people safe here."

Back in October, current city mayor, Francis Slay said that Dotson should resign as police chief if he was going to run for mayor at the same time.

"That wasn't the reason for dropping out of the race?" Aisha asked.

"Absolutely not, " he said, "he didn't say that I shouldn't be mayor, he said I shouldn't do both jobs at the same time, he and I disagree on that and we've talked about that publicly."

Aisha then asked, "Chief had you stayed in the mayoral race did you think you would've had a chance at winning?"

"I wouldn't have gotten into something if I didn't think I had a chance to win, " Dotson responded, "so it was nothing about could I win or could I lose. I challenge all of the politicians, it's not what's my next job it's what's the biggest impact and I still think my biggest impact is right here with the St. Louis Police Department."

Aisha asked Dotson if he will run again and he said, "I think I will leave that door open. There are some qualified people in the race right now, perhaps I would have been more qualified and we'll laugh about that."

When asked if he plans to endorse any specific candidates currently in the race for mayo,r Dotson said that he is not picking just one candidate. Adding that he has spoken with all of the candidates and would like someone in office who understands police needs and will work with some of the goals that he has for the department such as hiring 160 police officers he's been asking for.

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