North Side of City of St. Louis Receives $30M in HUD Grant Money

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development gives City of St. Louis $29.5M in grant money

Thanks to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, millions of dollars are about to be poured into the north side of City of St Louis.

The city’s poorest neighborhood is receiving a $29.5 million grant through the department’s Choice Neighborhoods program.

St. Louis is one of five communities receiving a combined total of $132.2 million in grants.

The money will go toward developing about 700 new units in affordable and mixed income housing at Preservation Square and make it easier for small businesses and homeowners to get loans.

The money will also go toward improving education and creating youth oriented programs and services.

Allman Reporter Aisha Khan asked HUD secretary, Julian Castro about how promising is this money and if in fact the north side community will get to see the results.

"One of the legacies of this administration is great place based work," said Castro, "so you can go into neighborhoods in cities like Philadelphia or my hometown of San Antonio or Los Angeles and see neighborhoods that are transforming, the housing is being improved, the education is being improved and quality of life outcomes, health, job opportunities are being improved, that's happening in urban America."

Aisha also briefly talked with out going Governor, Jay Nixon about his thoughts on the city receiving the grant.

"I predict that on January 10 that the state's Board of Education is going to reaccredit the St. Louis School District," Nixon said, "so I think schools like Riverview Gardens, these school districts have worked hard with everybody in the last eight to ten years to build confidence there, couple that then with the NGA and the construction jobs that will come and the other affiliated housing and community center issues that will go forward, this is going to jump start people's confidence."

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