15-year-old Writes to Steve Harvey About Family's Hardships, Appears on Show

Ebony Clemons at her home in St. Louis with her mother and youngest son.

A St. Louis family facing some tough times got a Christmas miracle with the help of Steve Harvey.

The Clemons family will not only get to open presents on Christmas morning but also get to clean up the mess they said burglars left behind after ransacking their family-owned beauty salon back in October.

"We are bouncing back from a break in at my salon," said mom of six, Ebony Clemons, "and prior to 2012 the father of my children was taken away for a very very long time and my little babies, they lost their father in 2012 and that was a devastating time."

But Clemons and her mom Jeanene Albert-Sherrod tried their hardest to overcome the challenges while raising the kids.

"I had to pour every dime I had back into my business so I told my children they are not going to have the necessary Christmas like they wanted," Clemons explained.

The women said that it was not the kind of news they wanted to tell the kids but this year, finances were really tight..

"It seems that everytime she and the kids get up here, something always tries to drag them back down," Sherrod said.

That was until one day someone from the Steve Harvey Show called.

"I said excuse me is this a joke? And they said your son wrote a letter," Clemons said of her 15-year-old eldest son, Mikel.

"His duty as a young man by him not having a father figure in his life, he sees the struggle in his mom and his granny," Clemons said.

The talk show host showered the family with gifts and a $5000 check in an episode that aired on ABC, Dec 15.

The family said that they never even dreamed something like this could ever happen to them.

"All I could say was God must be answering my prayers" Sherrod said.

"They blessed us with a Christmas that I feel like I couldn't give to my children," Clemons said.

Clemons said she plans to use some of the gift money to fix her salon, in addition she is using the money to help two families that she has adopted this holiday season.

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