Report: Caitlyn Jenner Having 'Sex Change Regret,' May Soon 'De-Transition' Back To A Man

Report: Caitlyn Jenner Having ‘Sex Change Regret,’ May Soon ‘De-Transition’ Back To A Man

Caitlyn Jenner may soon "de-transition" back into a man and has allegedly experienced "sex change regret," according to author Ian Halperin.

"One source confirmed to me Caitlyn has made whispers of 'sex change regret,' hinting she might go back to being Bruce Jenner," Halperin told The Wrap.

Citing research he conducted for a new book on the Kardashian family, Halperin apparently estimates Jenner could transition back into Bruce within the next couple of years.

A "long-time friend" also reportedly told Halperin the gender transition hasn't been "easy for Caitlyn, it's been very hard."

"She's thrilled she has raised awareness about how transgender people have long been discriminated against but I think there's a chance she'll de-transition in the next couple years."

Halperin also said a source told him that Jenner's continued interest in women might be a factor in the decision to de-transition because "she's still into women and wants to meet the right one."

"I don't think it would surprise anybody in her inner circle," the friend reportedly said.

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